CBSE Study Material for Class 9 | NCERT Notes for Class 9

NCERT Notes for Class 9- Free PDFs

GharPeShiksha, being one of the most credible and trustworthy educational platforms, is known for its excellent academic services at a very affordable rate all over India. Understanding that Class 9 is the base for Class 10, we have an exclusive module for Class 9 Students.


CBSE Study Material For Class 9- Maths, English, Science, Hindi, more 

At GharPeShiksha, we provide specially designed CBSE Study Material to Class 9 Students, made by expert teachers. It includes NCERT notes, a summary of the chapters, solutions to the back exercise problems, quick revision notes, assignments based on chapters to enhance your learning experience. This module has helped many students to ace their exams with flying colors. 

Here is a subjectwise list to download the, NCERT Notes for Class 9 PDFs –


NCERT Notes for Class 9 – Solutions

Get the latest, NCERT and CBSE notes with solutions for class-9. Download the complete Subjects, and Chapter-wise list contains- English, Maths, Science, Hindi, and more subjects. It includes syllabus, previous_years papers, PDF notes, and the Summary of the chapters.
Subjects List for class 9:-

  • NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Maths.
  • NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English.
  • NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Science.
  • NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Hindi.
  • NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Social Science. 


NCERT Class 9 All Subjects Solutions

Get the NCERt all subjects solutions-

  • NCERT Class 9th Political Science Solutions.
  • NCERT Class 9th Economics Solutions.
  • NCERT Class 9th Geography Solutions.
  • NCERT Class 9th History Solutions.
  • NCERT Class 9th Physics Solutions.
  • NCERT Class 9th Chemistry Solutions
  • NCERT Class 9th Biology Solutions


Class 9 NCERT Book Solution – Explanation, PDFs Notes

For Class 9th students, Here gharpeshiksha provides free notes on each subject with a complete explanation. The solutions include- mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, Social Science, and more.
You can download the error-free PDFs of Class 9 NCERT Book Solution. The experienced and skilled teachers explained each chapter note of class 9. A summary of all chapters is also available.


Class 9 NCERT Solutions For English

Here, get easy and complete NCERT solutions notes of English for class 9th. NCERT English subject solutions are designed as per the need of the class 9 students. Pdf notes are also available, you can easily download them by click on the link button.


Class 9 NCERT Solutions For Maths

Get the CBSE NCERT Solutions for class 9th maths. It includes chapters- Number System, Polynomials, Coordinate Geometry, Linear Equations in Two Variables, Lines and Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Heron’s Formula, Surface Areas and Volumes, Statistics, Probability. Here, you can download the class 9 mathematics Pdfs from chapter 1 to chapter 15.


Class 9 NCERT Solutions For Science

Class 9 NCERT Solutions For Science consists of science chapters textbook. It includes all chapter-wise explanations by experienced teachers. The science textbook solution explains chapter 1 to chapter 15 that contains-
Matter In Our Surroundings, Is Matter Around Us Pure, Atoms And Molecules, Structure Of The Atom, The Fundamental Unit Of Life, Tissues, Diversity In Living Organisms, Motion, Force And Laws Of Motion, Gravitation, Work And Energy, Sound, Why Do We Fall Ill, Natural Resources, Improvement In Food Resources.


CBSE Class 9 Textbook Solutions

Get the textbook NCERT solutions for CBSE class 9th students.

NCERT Class 9 Textbook Maths Solutions

NCERT Class 9 Textbook Hindi Solutions

NCERT Class 9 Textbook Social Science Solutions

NCERT Class 9 Textbook English Solutions
NCERT Class 9 Textbook Science Solutions



Class 9 NCERT Solutions For Social Science

It covers the NCERT chapter-wise textbook easy explanation for CBSER 9 class students. Here, you can download the social science solutions pdf prepared by expert teachers. You find here more material like- previous year papers, mock questions answers, a summary of the chapters, problems with solutions.