CBSE Study Material For Class 9 English


CBSE Study Material, for class 9 english is also available at GharPeShiksha. The study material consists of the summary of each chapter in both Hindi and English, back exercise solutions, vocabulary from each chapter with meaning, solved previous year questions, techniques of writing letters, stories, notices, articles, reports, etc., and English grammar that may be asked in the exam.

A separate sheet of grammar rules is also given along with the study material. 

It has helped various students to score well in their English unit tests and mock school tests. 

A lot of students have already reported their satisfaction with this module. Here, download the chapterwise PDF Notes for class 9 english-

CBSE Study Material For Class 9 English, Chapterwise List – Download


Chapter 1
          The Fun They Had
Poem: The Road Not Taken

Chapter 2
          The Sound of Music
Poem: Wind

Chapter 3
          The Little Girl
Poem: Rain on the Roof
Chapter 4           A Truly Beautiful Mind
Poem: The Lake Isle of Innisfree
Chapter 5           The Snake and the Mirror
Poem: A Legend of the Northland
Chapter 6           My Childhood
Poem: No Men Are Foreign
Chapter 7           Packing
Poem: The Duck and the Kangaroo
Chapter 8           Reach for the Top
Poem: On Killing a Tree
Chapter 9           The Bond of Love
Poem: The Snake Trying
Chapter 10           Kathmandu
Poem: A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal
Chapter 11           If I Were You



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